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A rack of clothes organized by a professional organizer on a white background.

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Melinda’s Custom Designed Closet

A meticulously organized closet full of clothes and shoes.
A professionally organized closet with a pair of cowboy boots and a box.

Melinda desired to create a spacious and personalized area where she could store both her and her husband's clothes. Additionally, she aimed to incorporate a comfortable sitting bench, ample storage space, and a luxurious sleeping area for her beloved feline companion. Thanks to The Container Store's Elfa System, the Eclectic Living Spaces team efficiently organized Melinda's wardrobe, including clothes and purses, while also neatly color-categorizing her shoe collection and other belongings.

Pro Tip: For storage areas in closets, it's best to use the same style and size of bins

Professional organizer arranges clothes and a hat on a hanger in a closet.

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Ready To Start Your Project?