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A rack of clothes organized by a professional organizer on a white background.

Project Details


Two Kid Closets

Two kids' closets full of clothes and toys.
A kid's closet with a lot of shoes hanging on the door.

We were more than happy to help this overwhelmed family organize their daughters' closets. Our organizers were able to quickly sort the clothes and pull any items that the girls were no longer fitting in using the size chart provided by Mom. With just a few containers and a quick change of the layout, we were able to transform the closets into functional spaces that the kids were able to maintain!

Pro Tip: To help youngster keep their closet tidy, store all toys and dress-up play items in a separate area of the room.

Professional organizer arranges clothes and a hat on a hanger in a closet.

Ready To Start Your Project?

Ready To Start Your Project?