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A rack of clothes organized by a professional organizer on a white background.

Project Details


Family Home Makeover

A living room with a tv and exercise equipment that is neatly organized by a professional organizer.
A bedroom with a bed, dresser, and closets for ample storage space.


Work From Home Family


Home Makeover


July 2023


Phoenix, AZ
Creating Functional Spaces

Imagine stepping into a home where every room is organized, functional, and easy to keep clean. That's exactly the kind of transformation Holly and her family experienced with the help of Eclectic Living Spaces. Working from home with two young boys often meant chaos, with Holly feeling overwhelmed by the sheer number of items scattered around their house.

Seeking a solution, Holly hired Eclectic Living Spaces to transform their home room by room. With Holly's impressive purging skills, the team was able to find perfect homes for the items they loved.

A meticulously organized bedroom with a desk and a few pictures on the wall.
Room by Room

Sarah and her team worked their magic, creating functional, clean, and organized spaces throughout the house. From the boys' rooms and playroom to the utility closet, laundry room, and master closet, every area was transformed. The project proved to be life-changing for Holly and her wonderful family. The before-and-after pictures tell the incredible story of this transformation.

Professional organizer arranges clothes and a hat on a hanger in a closet.

Ready To Start Your Project?

Ready To Start Your Project?