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A rack of clothes organized by a professional organizer on a white background.

Project Details


New Home, Fresh Start

A girl's room with bunk beds and a teepee, creatively organized by a professional organizer.
A living room with a white couch and TV, organized by a professional.




Girls' bedrooms and play room


May 2023


Mesa, AZ
Organizing A New Home

In our recent organizing project, we had the pleasure of working with Sabrina, a Business Partner with NAPO-AZ and owner of ShelfGenie. Excitement filled the air as we began the organizing journey with Sabrina and her family in their new home. Married with two girls, Sabrina enlisted our help to kickstart the organizing process.

A white bed with a white headboard and pillows, meticulously arranged by a professional organizer in a clean and organized closet setting.
Starting With The Girls' Rooms

Our team, led by Sarah, worked closely with the girls to declutter, sort, and organize their rooms and play area. The girls enthusiastically joined in, displaying impressive commitment and learning valuable life lessons along the way. Our services extended to the girls' bathroom and the hall closet, with plans to return and complete the rest of Sabrina's home.

Professional organizer arranges clothes and a hat on a hanger in a closet.

Ready To Start Your Project?

Ready To Start Your Project?