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A rack of clothes organized by a professional organizer on a white background.

Project Details


Yarn Organization

A craft room with a white desk, organized by a professional organizer, filled with lots of yarn.
A professionally organized baby's room with a chair and bookshelves.


Daisy Farm Crafts


Custom Closet & Organization


July 2023


Mesa, AZ
Custom Closet Design

Tiffany, the renowned Yarn Influencer behind Daisy Farm Crafts, recently had her craft/office space transformed by Eclectic Living Spaces. Sarah met with Tiffany ahead of the project to design a custom closet and wall unit that would accommodate the vast array of yarn she receives from the brands she collaborates with. These pieces were custom-built and installed by The Container Store.

A white bookcase with drawers, perfect for a professional organizer's closets.
Organizing The Space

Sarah and her team then stepped in and expertly organized Tiffany's craft closet and wall unit, sorting everything by style, brand, size, and color. The end result was an office/craft room that not only exuded charm but was also perfectly camera-ready for Tiffany's stunning posts. The impact of this organized space on her business was so significant that Tiffany has now enlisted Eclectic Living Spaces' services on a monthly basis to handle the organization of her substantial yarn orders. It is truly an enjoyable collaboration that is sure to yield endless creative possibilities!

Professional organizer arranges clothes and a hat on a hanger in a closet.

Ready To Start Your Project?

Ready To Start Your Project?